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Keri Hilson is no doubt a music sensation. The singer recently posted seductive photos which have since made the Internet go wild. This was quite a comeback since she has recently laid low for reasons she promised to disclose to her fans at the release of her new album. In a trending snapshot photo, Keri poses in a revealing bra with an emoji of a monkey between her thighs. The emoji replaces the initial picture where she hid nothing but soon took down realizing how worked up people get about camel toe, like Nicki Minaj posted on her Instagram. Seeing Keri Hilson nude was no doubt a shocker for many.

Keri is no doubt an extremely beautiful woman: her athletic body is toned to perfection. But, the photo received mixed reactions from her fans: some of them were totally disappointed in her while some had no problem. It was her body at the end of the day and she had the right to flaunt it however she so desired. She has seemingly become more sensual on social media. A while back she posted a video sucking a Popsicle suggestively but apparently that wasn’t enough. With this escalating turn of events it would be interesting to see what she has in store for us next.

Keri Hilson nude photo

Posting semi nude photos was just a tip of the iceberg. In a recent issue by Allure magazine’s naked issue, she stripped down completely. Everything off. In an interview, she has described how difficult that was but also pointed out how important it was to her in terms of dealing with her insecurities. She describes how everyone seeks validation from others. The things we do to impress others such as going to the gym, the clothes we wear and all. For her, stripping to the skin was her way of getting over all that. It was a means of empowerment, she says.

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She’s also had a very successful musical career. Her songs have been major hits in older times. Its been a while since she hit our airwaves though. and it is obvious that she wants to make a comeback. A major one for that matter!

Or maybe some booty?

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