Blac Chyna And Tyga’s Sex Tape Scandal Is Getting Heated – Kylie & Rob Pissed

Another day, another sex tape scandal is among us. This time Blac Chyna is the leading lady in the flick and her ex boyfriend Tyga is also in the mix. This news is fantastic for all of us who love Blac and her bangin' curvy body, but we can only imagine what Rob Kardashian and his little half-sister Kylie Jenner must be feeling right now. As you probably already know, Tyga is dating little Jenner and Blac is now engaged to Rob, which makes this news that much juicer.

There have always been rumors that Blac might have a tape with her former lover Tyga, especially since she is no stranger to making naughty videos with men in the past (read about her past tapes here). It wasn't until the past couple days that the ostentatious babe claimed the rumors are true by telling the media she would “sue” if the erotic film comes out. According to reliable sources, the recorded footage is currently being shopped around. Do you think play boy Tyga is behind this?!

Watch it here…

UPDATE: This sure looks like a Blac Chyna sex tape doesn't it??

Well, the rapper is known to be an opportunist and he has made vile comments about recording dirty vids with his lovers. Is it that far-fetched that he might be behind this drama? Could he pull off a scheme as sophisticated as this?! We believe he is and can. I mean, let's not forget that he said he would sell his alleged tape with Kylie Jenner for millions and millions. The question is, how is Kylie dealing with this kind of behavior? He must be lying to the naive young girl – the fool does have a reputation for being manipulative.

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Now, how does Blac's new fiance Rob feel about this?! As usual, close sources to Rob say he is totally even-keeled about the video. The people who are going on a heated tirade in his corner are his older Kardashian siblings. Yes, that's right, Kim Kardashian is furious about this whole situation because it just draws attention to her 2008 tape with Ray J. Khloe and Kourtney are peeved as well because they don't approve of Blac dating Rob in the first place – they have commented in the past that they wish they could ostracize Chyna out of their lives forever…. Sheesh.

Well, Blac has hired her attorney Walter Mosley to handle this situation as soon as possible. We hope that he handles it by asking for a settlement and that the lucky adult company can still release it for all of us to see. We would love to see Blac's sexy ass body getting pounded again by anyone, even little Tyga. We just want to see that hot piece of ass naked, it would be a feast for the eyes.

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