Caroline Chikezie Sex Scenes From “40”

Actress and beauty Caroline Chikezie is seen below in some of the most graphic nudes she currently has online from her movie 40 that was released in 2003. The film wasn't the biggest hit, but people raved about her body and how bangable it is. The british actress has a nice chocolate bod that we all wish we could touch – she's got some of the nicest tits and nipples out there as well.

This honey isn't well known, but we always wonder why! She is a very talented actress and has appeared in various movies, but somehow she is slipping through the cracks in the tabloids. We wonder why this hottie isn't featured more in magazines and big screen movies – it's a shame that this goddess isn't noticed as much because she is a perfect dime piece!

Check out the scene in this video

If you enjoyed that, we highly recommend you check out Shanola Hampton's scenes.  She has some great breasts too, and quite a few more videos. 😉

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