Cassie Ventura Is Damn Fine! See Her Exclusive Hot Pics Here.

Cassie first got her break when Ryan Leslie (R&B singer/producer) noticed her beauty frequently at parties and clubs in 2002. The pair started hanging out and eventually she recored a song with him that got her noticed in the music industry. Quickly after that Leslie wrote her the song “Me & U” and it became her first single – it was a huge success. It sold over 1 million digital downloads and that was that! She became a celebrity over night. Boom.

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Leslie and Cassie's relationship blossomed into something more serious. He said they fell in love in the studio, but unfortunately for Leslie, the girl of his dreams broke it off with him in 2007. She is now with the one and only, Diddy. There have been rumors that their relationship has been on and off over the years, but they just did a super sexy ad for Diddy's Fragance (3 AM) in May of this year. It's a pretty sexy ad, and Diddy was definitely trying to show off his woman!

There is no denying that Cassie's beauty definitely got her in the door and has kept her in the eye of the public ever since. She is constantly on the news and people can't get enough of her ever-evolving stunning looks. She is definitely one of the sexiest women alive. Here is a collection of Cassie's sexiness:

1. We all hate you, Diddy.

2. Damn, damn, damn! Those titties are perfect.

3. Some side-action.

4. Definition of sexy.

5. Sweatin' over here…

6. MMMM MMMM MMM! Can't get enough.

7. Dime.

8. Again, we hate you, Diddy.

9. Son of a bitch!

10. Beauty!

11.  YUMMY!

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