Gabrielle Union And Her Topless Photos

Gabrielle Union Wade was born on October 29, 1972. Career wise she has spent her life as an American Actress and a former model. She has performed in movies such as the Drama Series CITY OF ANGELS and featured in THINK LIKE A MAN film version. She is popularly known for her role in ISIS in the BRING IT ON movie. Gabrielle admits being fanatically passionate about Janet Jackson (guess who keeps her ladybits shaved), Kimberly Elise, and Diana Ross since she was a child.

Scroll down to see the topless photos.

Union is a great friend of Oprah Winfrey, who she insisted watching the Oprah Winfrey Show helped her go through her rape ordeal. Courtesy of her activism on assault survivors, she was appointed to the National Advisory Committee For Violence against Women by President Barrack Obama.

If you haven't seen this Funny or Die video of Gabrielle posing in lingerie, you really should watch it (the whole thing)!

After that, you should see her very racy private photos that were leaked online in Celeb Gate, or #TheFappening.

Gallery 1 – Sideboob paparazzi photos in a white dress (16 pics)
Gallery 2 – Sexy photoshoots with Gabrielle (16 pics)

Gabrielle started dating in high school to Jason Kidd a former NBA player. They broke up and Union met Chris Howard an NFL player in 1999. They proceeded and got married on 5th May 2001. The marriage lasted four years and in October 2005 they separated. Union began dating Dwayne Wade, an NBA player, in 2009 and rumor has it they split shortly due to Union's career demands. In December 2013 they reunited, and got married in 2014. In an interview that same year, she claimed she made hurried decisions to get hitched in her early twenties and that she was always upset in her former relationships. Drama queen, maybe? Definitely a jersey chaser with that relationship history!

Recently, Gabrielle Union became a victim of celebrity Internet leaks. The topless photos that she had sent to Dwayne Wade (her husband) had leaked on the internet. The couple later released a joint statement claiming to be victims of an Internet hate crime and their private moments have been shared publicly with us vultures. After some time, a new wave of nude celebrity photos leaked online and Union confirmed some of the photos were hers. They were selfies of Gabrielle Union in the bathroom, and they had been released on Reddit and 4chan, and here.

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