Karyn Parsons and Her Rise to Stardom – Plus Topless Pic

Karyn Parson has been in the entertainment industry for close to three decades. Her show-business stars began aligning when she was only 12 years old having performed for the first time in a 1978 Broadway play. Thereafter, she participated in several awarding winning plays before settling down in Los Angeles as a full-time actor. Despite turning down lucrative deals in the entertainment industry deals at the onset of her career, she managed to rise at a faster rate becoming one of the American most celebrated film personalities.

With her good looks and damsel in distress ditsy role in Fresh Prince, a true teenage heartthrob was born.  Some still remember her as their first crush…

Karyn as Hilary Banks in Fresh Prince
Karyn playing Hilary Banks in Fresh Prince of Bel-air

Karyn's first TV assignment was in 1987 when she played a role in the drama The Bronx Zoo aired by NBC. Karyn breakthrough in the entertainment world happened when she was auditioned for Quincy Jones show, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air in 1990 and given a role to play as Hilary Banks. With her very popular performance, she later found herself in new Hollywood engagements. In her April 2014 Reddit AMA, she confirmed the role was helpful later on in her career,

The sitcom was aired between 1990 and 1996 by NBC worked to Karyn's advantage making her known and talents appreciated both within the US and across the globe. Apart from Fresh Prince, Karyn Parson has played a significant role in the production, writing, and acting in other movies, comedies shows, and TV shows.

This is an interesting interview about her hitting the casting couch for the character Hilary Banks.

She's looking pretty do-able still. She qualifies as a certified cougar.

Karyn Parsons holding a Playboy balloon
That is definitely a Playboy bunny!

Some of the popular productions are Late Nights comedy in 1992, Major Payne in 1995 and the thrilling comedy show Ladies Man produced in 2000. The year 1998 was one of the best moments for Karyn, when for the first time she starred in the movie Mixing Nia as the lead role.

Eventually, her hard work paid off as the movie won some of the best-coveted movie awards in Hollywood. In 2014, Karyn was working on a comprehensive film project, Sweet Blackberry. The project is working on animated films that are specifically scripted to celebrate the forgotten black heroes.

Just this year, the cast from FPoBA met up for a reunion.  Everyone has definitely gotten older, but Karyn is still going strong.

Fresh Prince of Bel Air 2017
Cast reunion in 2017

And here are those old (and a bit grainy) topless photos from way back in the day.

Karyn Parsons topless holding her breasts


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