Lira Galore sex tape leaked!

Lira Galore Sex Tape LEAKED!

The GODS!! The curviest woman on Instagram has answered our prayers – a graphic Lira Galore sex tape was just leaked online… by another jealous woman!  We can see Lira sucking D in the video, and it's definitely her.  It looks like she's sucking off NBA player Lance Stephenson, gobble that dick!

We're not sure when the video was made, but seeing Lira nude AND fucking is just about any mans dream.  She confirmed the tape this morning, saying:

Lira Galore twitter sex tape quote

We've never seen a woman that looks like LIRA suck dick before!!!

So it turns out that in May 2016, her Twitter account was hacked, and personal direct messages between her and several famous men were uncovered.  In an especially scandalous revelation, Mike Epps and Lira were planning on getting a hotel room together.  But wouldn't you? After watching her fuck in the video, any man would love to have some secret liaisons with her!

Lira Galore booty is insane

Believe it or not, Lira was once engaged to Rick Ross.  She claims she ignored the red flags waving in her mind over Ross. Come on, girl!  He's clearly not a nice dude. Apparently the two split after Rick saw her with Meek Mill.  Meek better watch out given his history of violence!

Lira has “dated” quite the line-up of famous men, including Justin Bieber, Drake, Rick Ross, Lance Stephenson, Meek Mill, Plies, Kendrick Lamar… she gets around!  See why below.

Lira Galore sex tape on Twitter

Rick Ross probably isn't too happy about this one.  Don't miss the video on page 2!

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