Naomie Harris Nude – TWO Videos and Photo Gallery

Naomie Harris is best known for her rolls in Pirates Of The Caribbean and as James Bond's lady in Skyfall and Spectre. She is English, and is of Jamaican and Trinidadian descent.  We compiled a couple of hot nude scenes from her various films, as well as a sexy photo gallery.


Video 1: Woody Harrelson and Naomie Harris in After The Sunset


Video 2: Jamie Foxx and Naomie in Miami Vice (NUDE SCENE – NSFW)

Look at the ass on Naomie!  Click here to see more

When Naomie was interviewed about filming a sex scene with Foxx, she said he wrapped his penis in a sock and a bow to make her laugh.  It seems Naomie is a proper English lady, so filming a scene like this is outside of her normal scope!


Here is a bonus photo gallery of some sexy photos of her over the years.

Is that a camel toe?

Naomie-Harris-cameltoe (1) Naomie-Harris-cameltoe (2)

The Yellow Dress

yellow-dress (1) yellow-dress (2) yellow-dress (3)

Assorted Hot Photos



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