Serena Williams Nude Collection —Booty Pics, Camel Toe Pussy, Nip Slips & More

Serena Williams is not just one of the greatest tennis players of all time, but she is also one of the sexiest athletes on this planet.

These Serena Williams nude pics are going to make you bust a nut.

Serena has been making headlines for her talent on the tennis court for years, but her gorgeous booty also has the world's attention as well. Serena definitely doesn't seem to mind the attention – she has no problem modeling, wearing tiny bikinis, and taking scandalous photos of her slammin' ass and curves.

Serena Williams Nude Pics

Serena Williams Booty Collection

Serena Williams big booty

Here are her top 10 pictures of her bootylicious bum that will make your mouth water:

Gallery 1 – Serena William's nude gallery (16 pics)
Gallery 2 – Serena's huge ass hanging out of her bikini (16 pics)
Gallery 3 – Serena on the beach in Miami showing off those curves (16 pics)
Gallery 4 – Serena's booty from every angle in a swim suit (16 pics)

1. Hot damn! That booty is fine:

2. That ass is looking healthy:

3. All that tennis has been good to Serena:

4. Mmmm Mmmm! Her behind is fantastic:

5. That thing right there! Boom:

6. The most popular booty in sports:

7. That butt looks damn nice at every angle:

8. The camera loves Serena's ass on and off the court:

9. Only a real man can handle that thang:

10. A close up for your viewing pleasure:

Serena Williams ass close up

11. A Serena Williams sex tape!!!


Also, check out this video of Serena wearing tight spandex shorts that show off her incredilbe booty:

Here are a few more photo galleries of Serena for you!!

Gallery 5 – Bent over in her bikini showing off her nice tits (16 pics)
Gallery 6 – Curvy beach photos, huge ass and tits (16 pics)
Gallery 7 – Muscular photos of Serena in the ocean (16 pics)

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