The Other Side Of Rihanna

Rihanna who is among the most popular singer of her generation was born in February 20, 1988. The genre of her albums includes pop, reggae, and hip hop and R&B songs. This talented woman can also dance – what an amazing lady. She had recently been together with Chris Brown and had a big issue in Hollywood. They were teenage sweethearts and met in 2005 but this is before Christ Brown hit Rihanna leaving her face so helpless and full of bruises. After all the gossips and rumours involving the “fight” issue the couple announce in the early 2013 that they were back together. However their relationship really has no ever after, Rihanna filed a case over the ex-boyfriend. Chris Brown pleaded guilty to assaulting Rihanna. At the end of the court meetings all Brown did was finish the probation case and was not sent to jail over a long period of time.

Rihanna's other side was spread all over the internet before and today. There are websites showing her sexy body and private places are concealed with marks. There are various photos showing the body of Rihanna and its tan skin maybe from sunburn. The photos show the bikini lines and bra marks. It seems like a photoshoot but Rihanna is now wearing anything on the image. There is more of Rihanna’s photo wearing sexy lingerie, swimsuits, mini shorts, nude g-strings, see through dresses emphasizing her ass and tits. Still there is no information why they are letting this photo spread online. Is Rihanna not aware of this? or these photos are really taken with her intentions around? Is the career of the young singer affected by these malicious photos of her?

Rihanna Nude

For sure Rihanna is not alone, many Holywood celebrities too. Now Rihanna was seen posing for a photo together with Leslie Jones (a 40-year old actor and comedian). During the weekend the paparazzi also spotted the two hanging out on the same nightclub.

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