The Sexiest Pictures of Ciara On The Internet

Most people know Ciara as the sexy R&B singer who blew minds away with her voice and beauty, but what a lot of people don't know is that she is also a songwriter, record producer, dancer, actress and model that was born in Austin, Texas. This foxy lady transitioned into acting and has been in many movies. She made her movie debut in All You've Got and she's been in few others since then. She also started appearing in the TV series, The Game.

Ciara is definitely more than just a triple threat – she's earned numerous awards from BET, MTV, MOBO, and of course, a Grammy for her incredible voice. On a global scale, she has sold 23 million records and rising. I wonder what this woman can't do, she's done everything in the entertainment industry possible to be recognized and respected.

In her personal life, Ciara has dated many well-known names out there. Some of the lucky men in her life have been Bow Wow, 50 Cent, Amar'e Stoudemire, Future (whom she has a son with), and now Seattle Seahawks quarterback, Russel Wilson.

We have collected some of the sexiest pictures of Ciara online that are out there! This stunner has the facial structure that only the gods could have created, and the body every man dreams of laying down on their bed. Be prepared to start sweatin'….

1. Good lawdy!!!

2. You lucky bastard!

3. That jiggly ass! Damn, girl!

4. Dime.

5. Sex hair looks good on you, Ciara.


7. That booty is perfection.

8. I'll play with you in the rain…

9. You can ride me, baby! God damn!

10. She really knows how to get our imagination going…

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