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Cardi B Sex Tape Leaked In Crazy Publicity Stunt

We are sure you have heard the thrilling news, a Cardi B sex tape has been leaked! Of course, we hunted down the dirty tape for y'all to see and the footage is just as NASTY as you would expect it to be. There are no doubts now, the hottest female rapper in the game is a downright freak!

The former stripper is a true professional at getting our dicks hard. Get ready to see her twerking dat BOOTYFUL ass up and down, it's going to make you burst that full load in a matter of minutes!

First, let's warm you up with this leaked Cardi B topless video:

Cardi B topless tits exposed

Are you a natural skeptic and are not sure if the tape is authentic? Well, we were on that boat too until we noticed that the woman in question has the same enormous tattoo that Cardi has on her upper sexy thigh. It looks absolutely legitimate.


Cardi B sticking her tongue out
Cardi B sexy tits
MMM I want to slam my D into that sexy body!

Cardi's sex scandal is a BIGGER hit than her song “Bodak Yellow” that won Single of the Year at the BET awards. The video was leaked a few days ago, right after her new song “Bartier Cardi” featuring 21 Savage was released. Some sources believe Cardi B and her management team purposely released the tape to attract more attention to her newest hit. It's truly a brilliant PR stunt and she's not the first celebrity rapper to do it.

While most of the 25 year old's fans are happy to see her getting pounded, some of her fans are outraged by it. They believe people should focus on her talents as a hip hop recording artist, instead of looking at her as a sex object. Our question is… why can't we appreciate both at the same time?! Just because we like to see her naked in all her glory sucking some D, doesn't mean we can't appreciate her music.

Watch her strip in this video… her thong slides over and you have the best view in the world: her ass and pussy!

We are strong believers that a woman can be admired for various talents!

According to the famous music blog Pitchfork, Cardi B's new song is actually damn good. They said: “Bartier Cardi, in a way, feels like a celebration of her stunning rise,” and that the “follow-up to her lovable surprise smash ‘Bodak Yellow' is even more audacious, a defiant dispatch that trades on power a No. 1 debut can provide… the Bronx native continues to be unforgettable.”

So far, there is no word about who filmed the sex tape and who might have cashed in on leaking it to the media. Also, the bodacious rapper has also not commented about the explicit video. The only thing she has posted on social media since the link came out is a photo of the hip-hop and rap iTunes chart showing 4 of her songs in the top ten. Her caption thanked her fans:

“Super happy and super blessed to have 4 songs on the hip hop charts right now on iTunes. I been very overwhelmed today because it's like starting all over again. I'm going to let you guys in on my music journey cause all this shit is new to me. It's a lot of work and it's very emotional specially when the world is watching but once you start you can't finish! THANK YOU EVERYBODY BARTIER CARDI available everywhere.”

However, in her song Motor Sport featuring Migos and Nicki Minaj, she confirms that she has a sex tape with her boyfriend Offset. Some of the lyrics in the song say:

“I get upset off, I turn Offset on, I told him the other day, man, we should see that porn.”

I mean, how much more evidence do we need to present?! Enjoy the raunchy rapper getting it on below!

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