India Love Westbrooks porn

India Love Sex Tape Leak!

The India Love drama continues, and this time it's GREAT NEWS.  The India Love sex tape is finally here, and damn she has a nice pussy.  We know this is what everyone has been waiting for!

Soulja Boy continues to provoke — he was right about India having a tape out there.  Part of the video was leaked online by Twitter user @_bamb1no, and you can clearly see it's India in the tape by her two prominent tattoos.  The hand massaging her ass looks like another woman, so we may just be in for a lesbian tape, OR maybe a threesome?? Please God.

The Westbrooks on BET continues to be a hit show, with India at the forefront.  Her antics definitely remind us of Kim Kardashian, Blac Chyna and Amber Rose.  She must be getting coached on how to become more and more famous: leak a naughty tape!


India Love in lingerie
How would you like to pump into this tight little body?!
India Love on bean bag with high heels on
Oh yeah, India…. no spread dem legs for papi!


India Love laying in bed naked
She's asking for some D!

If you don't know this flawless woman, let us give you a quick breakdown of what she is all about…

The 21 year old model is so fine, she has a list of men in the entertainment world begging her to date her – there have been rumors that Drake even left Rihanna in 2016 so he could start a fling with her. Drake said they didn't have enough time together to make it work, but turns out he just wanted another flavor to taste.

Apparently Love's sister Crystal Westbrook had a heated romance with Drake – in other words, the rapper has hit a double with the Westbrook family. Crystal posted about how “awkward” this whole situation is for her on Twitter. She even unfollowed her sister on the gram for awhile. SO much drama, I guess they need this kind of stuff to keep their reality show interesting.

Besides all her drama, she's also known for her notorious snap chats:

Earlier this year, Rick Ross tried to scoop up India. The two were spotted partying together in New York City for Ross' birthday bash. They were seen dancing and getting frisky in the club. Rick even started leaving diamond emojis on her social media photos, but I guess she wants real diamonds because the two never ended up hooking up after that one crazy night in the Big Apple.

As of two months ago, it looks like Lil Yachty is India's new victim. From the looks of his music video “Forever Young”, the hip hop artist looks completely head over heels for her. In the footage, they are seen on a date in an amusement park getting very cozy with one another. Although they haven't come out publicly as a couple, it's clear they have some hot chemistry between them.

Or is Love just playing a spell on Yachty for more attention in the media? I guess we'll see if something pans out between the duo.

So far, it doesn't look like she needs a man to get what she wants. Right now she owns several clothing lines and her show has become a hit with audiences across America. Plus, she makes lots of money on her popular Instagram feed, she's got over 3.3 million followers.

India Love sex tape screenshot


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