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Brittney Jones Sex Tape Courthouse Video!

The crazy shit people do for fame!! This time it's the Brittney Jones sex tape making all the headlines this month. This nutty lady decided to perform oral sex on her boyfriend right before attending one of her hearings. Now the couple have warrants issued for their arrest! Damn, pretty nuts!


Don't know who this wild woman is? We didn't either, until her crazy shenanigans made her famous!

sexy Brittney Jones in lingerie with a choker around her neck
She's a FREAKY one!
lady wanted for courthouse sex tape topless selfie brittney jones
Another Amber Rose in the making?!
fugitive Brittney Jones at the courthouse snapchat with flowers in her hair
Before she went downtown on her man…
snapchat pic of Brittney Jones sex tape with puppy face and tongue out
This chick gives ZERO fucks!

According to various reports, Brittney is a 26 year old Florida woman who performed oral sex on her 36 year old boyfriend Jeremiah Isiah Robinson while at court. Now the overnight celebrity couple are fugitives on the run after warrants were issued to put them behind bars. The duo is charged with “unnatural and lascivious act” in a public area.

jeremiah and brittney jones warrant out for their arrest in Florida
Marketing her bad behavior on social media!

Brittney tweeted the performance, but since then the video has been removed. Sources say courthouse authorities were steps away when the scandal went down. She was supposedly there on drug charges she had committed earlier in the year. It is to no surprise, since she has a record of criminal behavior. The social media star has a rap sheet which includes aggravated battery, domestic battery, written threats to kill and do bodily harm and other such violent acts. She's been arrested 6 times since 2008, a statement from Jacksonville Sheriff's Office was published on her behalf. Pretty impressive…

tweet sent out by Brittney Jones offering news agencies money for interview
She's trying to make that paper!!

Well, what's even crazier is that although she is wanted by the police she still seems to be promoted the videos on her racy Twitter account which has over 30,000 followers. Many who just started following her when the news salacious news broke. Even before this all occurred, Jones seemed to love posting nudes of her and wild videos of her doing provocative things.

Man, this past year was FULL of naughty videos! From Jessica Dime's dirty footage to Amber Rose's nasty leak – it's been a tabloid's dream. Anyway, see the courthouse fiasco below!

Brittney Jones Sex Tape – Courthouse Video

Brittney Jones sex tape courthouse

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