Blac Chyna Sex Tape

Blac Chyna has been making big waves in the tabloid frenzy for awhile now. The curvaceous model is in the news for absolutely everything – from her controversial relationship with Tyga, to talking shit on Kylie Jenner – it’s completely out of control and people can’t get enough!

Ms. Chyna has no problem getting attention, and neither does her BFF Amber Rose – together they are an unstoppable duo, causing drama with every instagram and twitter update possible.

Amber Rose may just be better at sucking dick, though!

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Who is the real Blac Chyna though? Most people didn’t know who she was until she started dating Tyga. The bodacious honey started stripping in 2010 and then started modeling for big well-known magazines, such as Dimepiece, Stuntin’ Magazine, and Black Men’s Magazine. Then Canadian rapper Drake name dropped her in his song called “Miss me”. Boom! The sexy feud-starter became a name to search for and that instantaneously started her popularity.

Blac met Tyga in October of 2011 at an after party in Miami and that’s when their loved blossomed, leading to their secret sex tape. The pair were constantly seen together at parties, clubs, and even basketball games. They posed for the cover of Urban Ink magazine, and shortly after Blac became prego with his baby. They purchased a big mansion in L.A. and it seemed that all was going well, the perfect little family…. that is until the couple unfortunately split in December 2012.

So, when did this sex tape actually happen?! No one really knows, but the tape was leaked to the media and Tyga was said to be filming the dirty little adult movie the entire time. Chyna’s big booty is definitely the star of the film – it’s perfectly rounded and any man would want to get their filthy paws on it. It’s truly unreal. Chyna proves in the video that she knows exactly what she is doing! The girl is a freak and knows how to bounce those luscious titties for sure. You can tell she’s done this shit for a living! What was Tyga thinking when he let her go and moved on to Kylie? There’s no way little innocent Kylie can perform the way Blac Chyna does in this video, few women can! It takes a professional, someone in the sex business to do the naughty things she does in this sex tape.

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The Photos Blac Sent Rob Kardashian:

ass pic of Blac Chyna leaked by Rob Kardashian

Originally posted September 24th, 2015.  Updated on November 27th, 2017.

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