Emayatzy E. Corinealdi In Hand Of God Nude Scene

Who is Emayatzy, and how the hell do you say that name?

We're here to answer your pressing questions, and show you what her amazing tits look like.  Surprisingly, Emayatzy was born in Kentucky, and neither of her parents are immigrants from Africa.  While her name may be very unusual (we still haven't figured out how to say it properly), she caught our attention with her fantastic good looks.

She is best known for her first movie role in Middle of Nowhere, but we're here to see her naked.  And the films she's taken it all off for?  Hand of God and Miles Ahead.  So let's get to it.

When asked by the LA Times how she maintains that amazing figure, she said

I was a track runner and have always been very sporty. Track sets a good foundation. I've always been an outdoors person. I don't have memberships. I go to the park and jog or I hop on my bike and ride. When I go to the park I have some free weights I keep in my trunk, so I do a couple of miles and pull out my weights. It's not something I have to think too much about. [source]

She should keep that up, and Hollywood casting directors should take notice.  This babe is the next Halle Berry.

Hand Of God

Here are a few high res screen captures from that scene in case the video wasn't enough.


Miles Ahead

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