MoneySL and Moniece Slaughter sex tape

Moniece Slaughter Sex Tape with Money SL

Back in October, reality TV show Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta aired an episode that created a storm on social media. The plot line of the episode features Jason Lee's plan of releasing Moniece Slaughter's sex tape, and she decided it was time to give the reality show a reality check on social media. Moniece threatened multiple cast members as well as directors for allowing such a thing to air on live TV. The alleged sex tape has been something of a rumor for some time, but after Moniece's reaction on social media, there is little doubt left to its existence. The question is: will Jason Lee listen to Moniece's protests on social media, and if he doesn't, what can Moniece do about it?

Moniece Slaughter LHHATL
Who wants to see my sex tape??

After the episode aired, Moniece's rant began. In short, she threatened to take legal action against any of the cast who participated in the release of her sex tape. She also threatened to take legal action against the directors of the show for assisting in the “crime.” She also let people know that she didn't feel compensated enough for the humiliation she had to undergo. It really makes everyone wonder… how can so many “leaked” sex tapes come out of one TV show?? They definitely don't mind banging on camera for a bit of extra fame!

The tape is with rapper Money SL… and guess who he used to roll with? Ray J.  He's definitely on to something.  Here he is kickin' it with Deelishis:


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Jason Lee's motives for releasing the sex tape is that he believes Moniece is a “bully.” He makes this clear by saying “The problem for me is she bullies everybody, and now she's met somebody who isn't got to let her bully him.” This is the motive that caused Jason Lee to bring up the sex tape in the first place. There is footage from the TV show that shows Jason with other cast members watching a TV screen, and implying that they are watching the tape… stay tuned for any leaks!


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