Joy Bryant’s Best Nude Photos – Updated!

Tall, gorgeous, and a Yale graduate? That's Joy Bryant.  A native of the Bronx, Joy found herself signed as a fashion model for major brands like RocaWear, Ralph Lauren, Victoria's Secret and several others.  She is perhaps best known for her role as Jasmine Trussell in the NBC show Parenthood.

This 5 foot 9 inch beauty is also an actress, and has performed a few HOT sex scenes.  You can watch those below.

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Joy Bryant beautiful photo

It's obvious she has the beauty and the brains.  But Joy didn't get an easy start.  An absent father and a pregnancy at 15 dealt some tough cards, but she was able to persevere and really make a name for herself in the 00's.

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Joy Bryant: Gallery Of Naked Photos

Joy was once known for volunteering nude photos from a shoot with Harper's Bazaar, mostly because she wants women to feel confident about their bodies. With the photo editing available today with programs like Lightroom, trend setting fashion models often have their imperfections corrected.  To showcase an “un-retouched” naked photo, Joy and several other celebrities posed for the magazine to promote body and self-confidence.

During her childhood, she often believed she was too skinny, suffering from bullying through the years. She hoped her willingness to let others see her body to be an empowering statement for women all over the world.

Joy Bryant nude for Harper's Bazaar
An un-retouched photo for Harper's Bazaar
Joy Bryant and 50 cent for GQ
Back when she was with 50 Cent
Joy Bryant Vanity Fair shot from 2005
Joy posing for Vanity Fair in November 2005

We compiled the best sexy photos we could find from around the web in this gallery below.

She's also played the roles in movies like Honey, Three Way and Woman at the Web, from which you can watch some titillating clips below.

Sex Scene Video Clips

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Originally posted on February 16th, 2015. Updated on November 9th, 2017.

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