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Leila Arcieri And Her Leaked Nudes

Oh, snap! Be prepared, it's about to get sweaty in this bitch right now. Actress Leila Arcieri and her FLOSSY body is about to make you bust one out, super hard. That's right, as per usual, we are here to give you the naughtiest naked photos and this honey's collection is OUTSTANDING.

As you'll find out, this sex-queen's talent in the bedroom will having you wild n' out!

She sure knows how to get dirty and doesn't mind a third playa participating. That's right, she is all about threesomes and there is something fucking hot about a woman who can dig that! Arcieri is the kind of lady you can take home to mama, but mama doesn't know how nasty she can get with yo dick.

She's a freak in the sheets, fellas!

Sexy pic of Leila Arcieri in purple lingerie
Jesus Lawdy Lawd!! The engine in my cock-rocket is about to explode.
Leila Arcieri modeling her hourglass body
Papi like!
Leila's cleavage in purple shirt
Gonna make her cleavage my cum-target!
Leila Arcieri on all fours
On all fours ready to give us her tan pussy lips!


Did you forget about her? I know, it hard to believe that this ideal shawty can escape your mind. It's true, she hasn't been in the limelight lately. She's in her 40s now and hasn't acted since around 2012. Not because she can't but because sometimes you need a break from the cameras in your face. So she has been keeping it “low-key”, according to sources close to the former model.

Let me remind y'all. Leila was raised in San Francisco, California and was blessed with BOMB looks from the get-go. Her father is Italian-American and  her mother is African-American, that's where she gets that golden dark shade of skin that we all love. #MIXBABYGENES

In 1997 she caught everyone's attention when she was crowned Miss San Francisco and appeared in the 1-800-COLLECT commercial. She was hired for other commercial gigs and even starred in music videos for hit artists at the time, including Q-Tip, Boys II Men, Montell Jordan and others.

Not many people know this, but she was a graphic designer, photographer and make-up artist before modeling and acting became her passions. She is widely known for many film appearances such as Foolish, XXX, Hot Boyz, A Perfect Fit and Daddy Day Care.

In the year 2005, she was also voted in at #65 in the Hot 100 list. Although we think she should have been number 1!

Her Maxim Magazine photo-shoot has us squirming in our pants:

Leila's Maxim Magazine photos (1)

Furthermore, in the year 2009 she won the best actress award for the film Buffalo Bushido at the Brooklyn International Film Festival. She has not had the best childhood since her parents filed divorce when she was just two years old.

One of her highlights of her career was starring in 42 episodes on Son of the Beach. It is a parody of Baywatch and she looked damn stunning in all of her bikini costumes. She was definitely considered the black Pamela Anderson in the series.

MMM, when she played the role of “Jamaica St. Croix”:

In our opinion, she is way finer than Pam, but that's because we're all about the milk chocolate here!

Anyway, this ebony beauty was caught up in a leaked scandal. Her personal nudes were spread all over the web and some say the Fappening hackers were behind the ordeal. The contents of her cell phone were taken, she's not the only celebrity this happened to. Literally over a hundred celebs were victimized this way.

These days, you just never know what's real and what's fake, but we can assure you what you're about to see is Leila in the flesh! We did some extensive researching and these were the ones we found. Which, by the way, you won't be disappointed brotha!

She is unreal and delicious as you could imagine uncovered. Have fun seeing her collection below!

Leila Making Us Hard With Her Undressed Body

Naked in Wild Things 2:


Uncovered in A Perfect Fit sex scene with actor Adrian Grenier:

Add video.

Leila Arcieri in A Perfect Fit film uncovered (1)

Flaunting her figure for King Magazine:

King Magazine photoshoot with Leila Arcieri (1) Leila in a thong and see through top Leila pulling down her booty shorts Leila's nipples in see through top

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