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Nicole Alexander ‘Hoopz’ Famous Sex Tape

If you are looking to get a huge hard on, you came to the right place. Reality TV sensation Nicole Alexander and her dirty little tape will give you a boner indeed! This dime who is better known as “Hoopz” or “Nikki”, will have you squirming in your office chair and frantically looking for tissues to clean your mess up…

So, what made this honey venture into the porn industry?

It is well known that reality TV stars have a thing for making erotic videos and leaking them to the public to get more publicity. We believe this is possibly the case for Ms. Alexander, she's not shy about making money any damn way she can…


Nikki in a thong modeling for King Magazine
Oh yeah, she's got nasty written all over her!
Nicole Alexander crotch shot
I'd like to lick her pussy like a stage 5 hurricane!
Topless pic of Hoopz and her bare ass showing
MMM, can you imagine munching on dat delicious booty?!

Is this your first time hearing about Nicole? Don't worry, we'll catch you up on who she is and why you should keep an eye out for her…

Well, first of all this 5'2 lady with all the right curves can handle Shaquille O'Neal's big black dick! That's right, the pair dated for 3 years and she even lived with him in his Sudbury, Massachusetts resident. They split in 2012 and their fans were devastated, they all thought Nikki would be the next Shaunie (his ex-wife).

The couple back when they were head over heels:

But how did she get her first taste of fame? No, it wasn't the tape. In 2006, she was the winner of Flavor of Love, it was the first season of the popular show and she definitely made a lasting impression. That's where she got the nickname “Hoopz”. The audience fell in love with her looks  and her incredible charm…

Since then she has appeared on other shows such as I Love Money in 2008 (she won that one, too), Ghetto Stories in 2010 and It Takes a Sister in 2015.

Some of her sexiest moments modeling:

Prior to her career in the entertainment world, she was a Transportation Security Administration for the Detroit airport. She was just living a normal life, working 9-5 like all of us before she became the hot and gorgeous woman she is today.

Today she is living the good life. She bought a big house in Tennessee, launched a clothing business and is expanding her brand towards other avenues. She has even dabbled in producing television series. This woman is a hard-working female who is going to keep hustling to the day she dies.

In a recent interview, Nikki finally opened up about her former NBA husband-to-be Shaq and their seemingly adorable relationship. She said they broke up because he cheated on her and she just couldn't move forward with their wedding knowing that.

Poor girl, she was devastated over the public break up.

I bet he misses her beautiful booty though, check dat luscious thing out here:

Well, the 34 year old American-Italian beauty is dating again. She revealed who the lucky dude is:

“His name is Ovince St. Preaux. We’ve been together a little over a year. I wasn’t looking for anything. I was just happy I was going to be focused on me. Doesn’t it always happen that way? The minute you’re like no, I’m just going to focus on me, career, and that’s it. And then, oh hi! You meet someone and then one thing leads to another.”

Well, I guess we'll see how long this celebrity relationship lasts. Until then, let's talk about her moves in the bedroom, shall we?!

Allegedly Nicole was running out of money after winning Flavor of Love. She went on a spending spree and wasn't financially smart with her earnings. She was desperate to keep the luxurious lifestyle she was living, so she jumped on the opportunity when an adult company approached her about it.

No one knows who the mystery-fella is. Some sources say he is an ex of her's from Detroit, but others say he is some low-budget male-porn star they hired for the gig. Who knows, and who really cares! We're certainly jealous of the guy though.

Anyway, see her amazing moves in the bedroom! Damn, she is sexually talented… Enjoy!

Watch the Hoopz Sex Tape:

Originally posted March 1st, 2015.  Updated on November 3rd, 2017.

    1. Karrine “Superhead” Steffans said in her tell all book that Shaq had a very average size dick. She was thinking the same thing you were thinking before he pulled his dick out. She was surprised it was small for a guy his height.

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