Sexy Serena Williams Is Victim of Online Hacking

Who does not know Serena Williams world’s number one tennis player? She has been the latest victim of online hacking: the scandal that has been going on for the past few weeks about celebrities and their private parts that is seemingly not ending soon. In fact, it is intensifying every hour. Unless something is done by the relevant authorities, we are bound to see more nude picture.

Can you imagine seeing the big butts of tennis idol shown all over the screen? This is exactly what is happening. Videos of Serena Williams dancing proactively were on 15th February a hot discussion millions of people viewed them via their iPads. Serena Williams a onetime conservative lady was seen swinging something that left many, young and old jaw dropping.It is uncertain to what the hacker’s intention was. Nevertheless, there is a lot of speculation in the air.

This particular has pissed off this tennis star that seems to be too good for such expose. Serena Williams is captured posing nude in what looks like a person’s home. Close allies to Serena are looking for an amicable way to calm the mess that by now has gone international.This picture has caused Serena Williams a sleepless night thinking on a way to end the mess. Whether it was taken while in someone’s home or not is a matter of wait and see.

Yes, today it is Serena Williams. Tomorrow it is somebody else. That is how celebrity life rotates.e, there is really not much The Williams can do since most celebrity gossip websites have tangible information that they can use to justify the picture. An example of that justificatio

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