Sheneka Adams' nipple popping out peace sign

Sheneka Adams Sex Tape

Sheneka Adams is one of the most wanted women on social media and just one look at her you know why!

This gorgeous woman from Athens, Georgia has one bangin' body (36D-24-40 to be exact) and is one of the most hired models in the United States right now. The beauty queen has also been sought after by famous men as well and although she can choose any man she wants, she chooses to be single (for now). This boss lady is too busy hustling her hair product line to mess around with a player.


These days, she is posting on Instagram and building up that follow count (502K at time of writing).  No doubt she's good at it, just take a look at that body!

Sheneka Adams ready to get fucked
She looks 110% ready to get fucked.

Sheneka is continuing her fame with sexy Instagram posts – the girl isn't shy! She's constantly posting half-naked pics of her touching her hot curvy body. One of the main reasons she is becoming super popular these past few months though is because of an alleged sex tape that has been leaked to the media. It is said that Ms. Adams got down with a famous football player that remains a mystery in the whole scandalous ordeal. Sheneka hasn't said a word about the dirty adult film though, but spectators can't stop raving about it!

At just 28 years old, she continues the hustle — but she got her start back in Atlanta after finding herself in a music video with Bow Wow and Soulja Boy. Pretty nice break for her, but apparently she was already known in certain circles before ever being an extra (keep scrolling :-D)!

Sheneka's Recent Bikini Photos

Sheneka Adams busty bikini IG photo

But before the days of Insta-whoring, there were magazines.  And those photos are definitely not lost to the ages.  People have photo scanners and a long memory for a world class ass!  Here are some older photos of Sheneka posing for Smooth magazine, which she credits with giving her a leg up in the entertainment industry.

Smooth Magazine

Smooth magazine Sheneka Adams ass off chair

King Magazine

Sheneka Adams almost naked in King Magazine

It's easy to see why she credits this photoshoot as her big break.  She was bustin' nuts from the very beginning!

Black Lingerie Shoot

These are very high resolution photos, so give them a second to load!


Nude Photos & The Sex Tape Scandal

According to many sources, the tape does not disappoint and has lots of shots of Sheneka's fine ass body getting pounded by that lucky bastard (Soulja Boy??).

She can suck a good dick, that's for sure.

Sheneka Adams pussy spread

Originally posted on February 25, 2016.  Updated on October 20, 2017!

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