The Sexiest And Most Famous Legs

Everyone talks about ass and titties constantly, but why do we always forget to mention legs?! Legs are one of the most favored body parts of the adored female body. Sexy legs bring a man to his knees! Whether the woman is giving a full body hug with their legs wrapped around our body, or doing something naughty in bed with their legs in the air – legs are what complete our dirtiest fantasies.

We searched the internet for the hottest carmel tone legs in the celebrity industry! Let's face it, when we think of the perfect legs, we don't think of pale ones! We want the highway to heaven (to the crotch) to be a nice bronzed road. Here we have the most famous legs in Hollywood in jeans, skirts, yoga pants, and bikinis for your leg spank bank! Just imagine these long smooth and perfectly sculpted beauties in every pornographic position you can think of – doggy style, cowgirl, and countless other ways…

We made sure to choose thick thighs, beautiful lady calves, pretty knees, and defined toned stems. Take a gander below!

First, let's start with the beautiful Karreuche Tran! Damn, that girl has some gorgeous stems!

Good Lawdy, Halle! Fine as hell!

Cassie Ventura's legs are endless. We hate you, Puffy!

Of course, Ciara's toned babies made the list. MMMM!

Draya Michele's stems are divine.

Yeah, baby. Riri's legs are always making us sweat.

Meagan Good's legs are looking healthy!

We love Beyonce's thick juicy legs.

Nicki's legs glisten.

Zoe's legs are a lovely highway to heaven.

And to get the imagination going, here is Gabrielle Union with her legs in a “come get it” position.

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