A Shaved Head and Leaked Nude Photos? We Present Amber Rose

Every Rose has its thorn, that is for sure.  Model, actress, and artist Amber Rose isn't feeling any thorns in her side at the moment.  Miss Rose has been booking all kinds of gigs left and right since her recent contract with Ford Models.  If you don't know who Miss Rose is—let us introduce you:  Amber from the early days, work, to high profile relationships, and Hollywood gossip—this Rose is in no doubt blooming!

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That thing could kill a man


Amber Rose was born under her given name Amber Levonchuck on October 21, 1983.  People are beginning to notice this up-and-coming star, especially since her split with the notorious rapper Kanye West; we are now discovering the real Rose.  Amber grew up with her single mother in South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  She describes her childhood “as a house full of love,” but with limited material wealth.  Her mother was a waitress, and left Rose to the harsh South Philly streets of gang violence, and drugs.

As the only biracial girl in the neighborhood, Rose claims to channeling her style through iconic Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash.  She could identify with Slash because, he is also biracial, and of course a mega rock star.  Something she aspired to be, but never got around to playing the guitar.  Nowadays her style, which is outrageous and eclectic, plays an important role in her image and career—it conveys complete and utter confidence.

Speaking of confidence, Rose has been nicknamed “chrome dome” throughout Internet gossip blogs—her naturally brunette hair is styled into a signature short blond buzz cut.  As far as physical assets go for image, Rose stands tall at 5'9, her curvaceous figure has opened the doors in the modeling world presently, but it wasn't always that way…

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The media has been running wild with stories of Amber Rose's stripper past, Amber Rose nude, an Amber Rose sex tape, Amber Rose's bisexuality, and last, but not least, Amber Rose's love life.  Rose really didn't get noticed until her infamous relationship with rapper Kanye West. This relationship was on and off from the start, and didn't last.  It was reported that Kanye was smitten with Kim Kardashian during the relationship with Amber Rose and ultimately cheated on Rose with Kardashian.  Recently, Rose reportedly called Kim a “home wrecker.”


Rose has moved on in the hip-hop world with current rap star Wiz Khalifa.  There have been whispers of marriage for the two, however nothing has surfaced as of yet.  Rose is no stranger to the world of hip-hop, she has been featured in several music videos such as:  Ludacris' “What Them Girls Like”, Young Jeezy's “Vacation”, Mary Mary's “God in me”, and Nicki Minaj's “Massive Attack”, and Fabolous “You Be Killin' Em.”

In addition to all of her cameos in music videos, she appeared the reality shows Running Russell Simmons, and was also a guest judge on RuPaul's Drag Race and Master of the Mix.  She has starred in PSA campaigns, as well as becoming the spokesperson for Smirnoff in November of 2011, appearing in commercials, billboards, and magazine advertisements.  She isn't afraid to try anything, there is also a rumor that she launching a bit of a singing career.

Despite all of her mainstream efforts, Amber Rose can't escape her haunting past as stripper at the age of fifteen, a rumored sex tape, and plenty of nude pictures that are consistently leaked on the Internet.  She certainly isn't shy about her body, either.  Pictures of her in a g-string bikini with Kanye West, topless, and of course an official picture of her with Kanye for the Louis Vuitton advertising campaigns—she is stretched out in a very compromising position on the lap of Kanye West.

Rose has made her living being completely uncensored.  She wants the world to know that she is changing the face of beauty—a curvy, bold, confident woman can be the face of the new generation.  What's in a name?  Amber Rose.  This Rose by any other name certainly wouldn't smell as sweet.

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