Chanel Iman’s Naked Body Is Insanely Hot

The mixed race Victoria's Secret Angel Chanel Iman, has no problem being naked and strutting her hot shit for the entire globe to witness.

She's a smoking hot “Blasian” model – some online call her the black Jennifer Lawrence.  We can see some similarities.  Just check out what this hot piece of tang looks like:

Chanel Iman in cotton panties
Cotton panties and no bra. Nice.

This babe is not only one of the hottest models out there, but she has recently gone into acting – following the footsteps of her idols Rene Ruoss and Andie McDowell. So far the transition has been a success with the comedy-drama Dope. According to reports, acting is something this beauty has always wanted to do.  And the best part? Dope has some great nude scenes for you to feast your eyeballs upon.

Watch this Chanel Iman nude moment in this HOT clip!

In the movie, Chanel plays a hot stunner named Lily that the main character Malcom meets as he tries to get himself out of trouble after attending a local drug dealer's party in pursuit of a crush. Malcom is trying to get his way to a Harvard interview that he has been striving all his life for that golden opportunity. Unfortunately, bad girl Lily not only happens to be wild, but is also the daughter of the interviewer – which creates another huge obstacle for Malcom in the flick.  You're most likely lost at this point.  But we're here for Chanel's impeccable body, not her character on some TV show!

Chanel Iman sexy ass visible in outfit
That's one sassy look to go with that sexy ass

She is 5 foot 10 inches of hotness, she has no problem being taking off her clothes and being topless in front of the camera. She said she has shot with a lot of photographers in the past and she believes it's all in the name of “art”. Well, we hope this mama continues to show us her “artistic” ways and shows off more skin in the future as well.

Chanel Iman topless on the runway

As Chanel becomes more and more popular, she continues to get lots of attention on Instagram.  And that means hot wankable videos for her fans.  Check out this tease…

A post shared by Chanel Iman (@chaneliman) on


Chanel's Smokin' Hot Sports Illustrated Photos

She's posed for Victoria's Secret, Sports Illustrated and various other outlets.  Her SI photos are out of this world hot.  You can see those in the gallery below.

Chanel Iman's booty in Sports Illustrated
You know she makes the same face in bed.

If you're not yet convinced of her “10” scale status, check out this compilation video we put together of some of Chanel's hottest moments.  Mmm, mmm. 😉

Chanel Iman's Hottest Moments Compilation Video

Originally posted February 2nd, 2016.  Updated on November 7th, 2017.

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