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Sizzling Shanola Hampton From ‘Shameless’

Shanola Hampton has had a pretty good acting career, but she is most known for her role on the Showtime series Shameless. On the series she plays the character Veronica “Vee” Fisher — and you're most likely on this page because of her propensity to GET NAKED!


If you are not familiar with the show Shameless, here’s all you need to know about it in a few sentences. Set as a remake of the British series, it revolves around an extremely dysfunctional family that has a bipolar mother that left her six kids, and an alcoholic father. The eldest, Fiona, takes care of all of them with the help of their neighbors, namely, Veronica and Kevin.

You ready for this, boys?
Shanola Hampton naked covered in sticky notes
Let's take those sticky notes off one-by-one…

Talk about a dime piece! Shanola is actually fairly petite, standing only 5'2″.  She must be pretty comfortable with her sexuality considering the number of naughty scenes they've created over the years.  We're talking everything from BDSM stuff, to lesbian pussy eating sessions.  They span the gamut, so let's get right to it…

Shanola Hampton crazy cleavage on red carpet
Fortunately, we get to see these bad boys after they pop outta that dress!
Shanola Hampton in blue dress big booty
Curves in all the right places

Shanola Hampton Nude Video Clips From Shameless

Hot Clip from Stalker (2015)

In case videos aren't your thing, we've compiled a gallery of screen captures from various seasons.  Her puffy nipples are legendary!

When the show first came out in 2011, Shanola Hampton’s character Vee was a woman that did webcam sex shows for her loyal viewers. She would be ironing clothes topless or in later episodes she can be seen getting her husband Kevin involved in the action. She also has quite a few scene's throughout the last six seasons where she can be seen having sex with Kevin and going topless. As you would expect with Showtime, there is ample nudity.

What makes her so memorable is that she working in the sex industry through her web cam, so her character is very confident about her body and doesn't care who sees it. In one scene, another character in the series enters her room as she is working topless and just talks to them like everything is normal. If you want to see the best clips, we compiled a nice collection from the first few seasons.  After her and Kevin had twins, she's taken a break from letting it all hang loose.

Originally posted March 1st, 2015.  Updated on November 6th, 2017.

  1. If you going show nudity.. Why you don’t show her pussy and ass and not just her tits?… It ain’t just the tits that the viewers want to see.. its the whole body. Is it because she is married, forreal? Is that why you don’t let viewers see her pussy and ass and not just her tits?

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