India Love Sex Tape

Soulja Boy and India Love Sex Tape!

Oh, snap! India love sex tape was leaked by Soulja boy! The rapper was supposedly pissed off at Lil Yatchy who was rumored to be dating the model. So, naturally, he went after India to get back at his enemy. He decided to start the beef through social media, Twitter to be exact.

India Love sex tape leaked!
India Love sex tape leaked!


India has truly been making a lot of headlines these days – from her new reality show “Meet The Westbrooks” to dating Rihanna's ex boyfriend, Drake. The pair have been seen messing around since Riri and her former love stopped dating. But, nothing has created more of a stir than this alleged video making rounds on the web.

Details About the Drama

In addition, the curvy beauty has denied the sex tape allegations. She also tweeted that she has never dated either of the rappers. See the Twitter battle between Soulja Boy and the Urban model.

india love and soulja boy twitter battle
India Love and Soulja Boy twitter battle!

Later, Lil Yachty tried to stand up for his woman (of his dreams) and texted Soulja boy to back off. In Soulja style, he posted the conversation to the web.

soulja yachty twitter battle
Yatchy text convo with Soulja boy.

Later on Ms. Love couldn't take it anymore and she texted the drama starter to “please stop”. See the text convo below that the “Yahhh!” rapper blasted to the internet.

India love and soulja boy text convo
Ms. Love and Soulja text convo!

Anyway, we hope this gets you caught up with the sex scandal drama. Soulja boy later went back on the web to say he was “hacked”, but people are skeptical about that. He has always kind of been a disaster and he's known to ruffle the feathers of fellow members of the hip hop community.

Suspiciously a naughty video has surfaced of a woman who looks too much like India not to be. Did Soulja get pissed and leak the footage anyway? It sure seems like it, he also said beforehand that it was recorded on the iphone. Which, if you see the recording, it definitely seems like that quality.

Watch the India Love Sex Tape

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