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Jamaican-Nigerian Actress Nicole Beharie Sex Scene GIFS And Pics

Nicole Beharie is a beauty who is half Jamaican and half Nigerian. She is 31 years old having attended in Carolina. She is an actress having featured in several movies. She has appeared in ‘Shame’ which is basically a sex addition drama, American Violet where she played the leading role, Sins of the Mother where she played the role of a struggling university student who goes on a journey to mend her fractured relationship with her mother. Beharie has experienced being physical onscreen, whether in bed with Michael Fassbender in ‘Shame' or fighting demons in the woods.


Nicole Beharie in Esquire
Nicole posed in Esquire

And check out this awesome accidental side-boob,

Nicole Beharie side-boob

Beharie's Sex Scene From the Movie ‘Shame'

Nicole Beharie forgoes sensationalism and instead bases her character’s addictions in the realm of realism and substance. Using this method Nicole Beharie shows sexual credibility when things that can be viewed as touchy and sensitive subjects. She was excellent at putting all of what needs to be seen on display and turning her role into what appears to be an accurate depiction of a woman’s emotional problems, sexual addictions and a certain level of anti-social behavior. Her abilities and performance gives this film exactly what it needs to tell its story properly.

More Hot Pics Of Nicole Showing Off Her Cleavage:

She has also gone nude for the beauty expert Allure. When she was interviewed she said that was really nervous when she was about to posing but all she wanted was to celebrate and accept her body in an artistic way when she was celebrating her 30th birthday. She emphasized that it required athleticism. Nicole Beharie was quoted as saying,

As a woman, it's good to be able to handle your own shit.

She added and said she will make herself do something everyday even when her heart was not in it. She admitted she has a good bum and she loves it.

Another Sexy GIF:

Bares Her Full Body For Allure:

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This woman truly does it all!

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