Khanyi Mbau Sex Tape

South African beauty, actress, and socialite, Khanyi Mbau has been blowing up the internet world lately with her scandalous behavior and it's been making tabloid news. If you don’t know the self-proclaimed “queen of bling”, let me introduce you…

Khanyi Mbau nude photo

Khanyi was first introduced in the entertainment industry through the South African TV show Muvhangon from 2004-2005. She was only there for a short period because the bad girl was fired. She is now currently the host of Katch it With Khanyi, another South African television tv series that has become very popular. In the show, Khanyi interviews all the South African socialites from politicians to soccer players.

The spicy Ms. Mbau is a tabloid queen in South Africa. The woman is constantly in the news for her tumultuous relationship with Eastern Cape businessman, her ex husband Mandla Mthembu, and her plastic surgery adventures. Some people love Khanyi, and some people definitely despise the diva too! Her critics claim she is a gold diggin’ baby mama with no respect for anyone. Even though Khanyi may have this bad publicity, she is still getting paid for being her damn self and living the life we common people could only dream of.

It has been rumored that the attention-loving honey has made a sex tape. Although we cannot confirm if those alleged rumors are true, here are some sexy nudes of the tabloid princess that make you think it's true.

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