Lil Wayne Sex Tape

Oh snap! Lil Wayne is planning to sue whoever “leaked” his sex tape to the media. The tape reportedly was leaked by a site called Diary of a Hollywood Street King and it shows Lil Wayne getting down with two women who have yet to be identified, but claim they are strippers.  Evenutally, Vivid Entertainment, the famous adult entertainment company, was presented with a snippet of Mr. Wayne's Sex Tape and then allied with TMZ to contact Wayne for further discussion on the issue.

For weeks now the alleged sex tape has been creating a wild storm in the tabloids that someone was in possession of Lil Wayne's sex tape and trying to sell it for big cash to the porn companies. Uh o! In the sex tape sources claim Lil Wayne was wearing socks and later on he said “if someone sells a sex tape of me with socks on, I'll sue..” –  this comment was proof that the sex tape is in fact authentic. Mr. Wayne is not denying the sex tape either, which is another crucial element to the authenticiy of the film.

Lil Wayne has been the subject of sex tapes in the past with his ex lover, Karrine Steffans, and his good friend, Nicki Minaj. These tapes created a buzz, but nothing surfaced. This new sex tape with Wayne and a couple strippers is evidently about to blow up. You know that sources like TMZ and Vivid Entertainment can be trusted with any sex tape rumors and have a proven record of getting their hands on the truth of the matter. It was only a matter of time that Lil Wayne had something in the adult industry world, he's always caught up with ladies of the night anyway.

The juicy details of the homemade video has Lil Wayne giving a fantastic performance. The two chicks (strippers) in the video are taking it hard from behind as Lil Wayne goes ballistic on them. He's smashing them from behind in an animalistic manner. A lot of Lil Wayne's fan base have nothing but praise for the video. Well, done, Lil Wayne! You should be proud of yourself, and rethink about sueing people for the leaked sex tape.

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