Miss Zimbabwe Dethroned For Leaked Nude Pics

Miss Zimbabwe was dethroned from her crowned title in 2015 when her scandalous naked photos were leaked to the media.

The photos of Emily Kachote were leaked in a WhatsApp group by her ex lover who wanted to get some dirty attention on Emily after they broke up. Unfortunately, everything the beauty had worked for and aspired to be was ruined by the incident. Now her model reputation has been torn in the continent of Africa.

The Miss Zimbabwe pageant board decided to take the crown from her after she confessed.

“We had some drinks and I had no control over everything that happened that night. I no longer have anything to do with that guy”, Kachote told the media in an interview. She also said that she would continue to model despite all of the drama. Hopefully she will find some agencies that will have sympathy for her and let her do some work for them. She truly is a talented beauty and we'd love to see more of her.

We present to you the leaked photos below…

Emily Kachote leaked naked photos

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