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Jessica Dime Sex Tape Leaked by Lody Lucci!

Rapper Lody Lucci just released a sex tape of himself with Jessica Dime, who was apparently his former lover.

Lodi Lucci's motive appears to be revenge, as Jessica Dime is currently dating former NBA player Shawne Williams. Despite Lucci's attempts, Jessica Dime seems unbothered by the release of the sex tape. This is likely due to the fact that Jessica Dime is a stripper (check out these thick booty pics), currently in a good relationship with Shawne Williams, and the publicity can't hurt!


Shortly after the release of the sex tape, Jessica Dime posted on Instagram with the response “Unbothered” and a picture of her and NBA player Shawne Williams.

iamdimepiece "Unbothered" Shawne Williams

Jessica's Instagram post caption was brief, but her message was clear. She is in a new relationship and has moved on.

While yes Jessica Dime is in a new and healthy relationship, she is also a celebrity and rapper. The publicity won't hurt her career, and it may open other opportunities for her in the future. She currently plays a role in the reality TV show Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta where she player herself, an exotic dancer who turned rapper. Jessica's career and role could be boosted if the show decides the sex tape is a big enough deal to incorporate into the show.  And Jessica isn't the first one on the show to have a tape: the Mimi Faust sex tape with Nikko Smith was out of this world… let's just say Mimi likes Nikko's fingers in her ass while he pounds her.  Not to mention the latest rumors surrounding a Moniece Slaughter sex tape!

Lody Lucci exposes Jessica Dime sex tape

Jessica Dime booty tattoo
Check out that back tattoo on Jessica

Now look at that tattoo from the leaked video:
Jessica Dime sex tape leaked by Lody Lucci

Jessica's Instagram post “Unbothered” featured a picture of her and Shawne, and also included the hashtags “LevelUp” and “Mine.” There is no way to tell by this post whether Jessica is actually cool with her booty being all over the web. To Jessica's credit, she never directly addressed the sex tape, limiting the publicity it gave her and power it gave Lody Lucci. Only time can tell where Jessica's true priorities lie, but so far she seems to have taken things quite well and moved on.

Despite the release of the Jessica Dime sex tape, she seems to continue on with her relationship and job regularly. Jessica's career as a stripper probably makes it easier to accept the fact that her body is out for the world to see. Her relationship with Shawne seems to going on strong and steady, and Jessica seems to be pretty chill about the leak. It will be interesting to see what happens in the wake of this sex tape scandal, whether it is featured in Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, and if it has any further effect on Jessica and Shawne's relationship!

Lody Lucci Leaks Jessica Dime Sex Tape

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