Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna Sex Tape?

It's no secret now that Rob Kardashian and the sexy Blac Chyna have been hanging out. In fact, there have been so many scandals reported about the Kardashian girls fuming over Rob & Blac new relationship. According to TMZ, Khloe Kardashian kicked Rob out of her house because she found Blac and him getting cozy together in her home. The story goes that after a long week away from home, Khloe found Blac in her kitchen with Rob and a couple bottles of liquor! The pair had been hanging out in Khloe's house without her acknowledgement and she was pissed! She told Blac to “get the hell out”.

See Blac's sex tape with Tyga here.

There has been bad blood between Blac and the Kardashian women, especially Kylie because of her relationship with Tyga which is Blac's ex and baby daddy. When Tyga first hooked up with Kylie he wasn't exactly single and was still hanging around Blac. According to some reliable sources, Blac followed Kylie around and sent her threatening messages. Ever since the Ms. Chyna has been put on the black list and banned from Kardashian events and parties. I guess Rob didn't get that message.

The pair announced their relationship on social media a few days ago and now have moved in with each other as well. The two are getting mighty close, so close that there are even reports about a sizzling sex tape about to be released! I guess Rob might follow in the footsteps of his older sista, Kim K. Some people think Rob is trying to find ways to make more money and he knows that jumping into the adult film world could
make him millions quick. I guess we shall see what happens…

As you can see below through their social media accounts, the relationship between Rob and Blac is on the up.

To read more about the alleged sex tape click here.

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