Swae Lee sex tape leaked from Instagram

Swae Lee Shared His Sex Tape On Instagram!

WOW, familiar with the duo Rae Sremmurd?! Well, one of the brothers has been exposed on social media! Yeah, we are talking about the Swae Lee sex tape that was leaked from his own Instagram. According to major news sources, the hip hop artist uploaded the pornographic video for about 30 minutes before he deleted it. Of course, that didn't stop the footage from going completely viral.


Don't know who Swae Lee is?! Before you see him taking a NASTY WOMAN to pound town, here's a brief bio…

pic of Swae Lee taking a nude instagram pic of himself
Mr. Lee is 21 years of age and has a history of fucking groupies!
celebrity Swae Lee taking a pic with groupe Dorothy P
Exhibit A: Groupie No. 1, Dorothy P.
rapper Swae Lee snapchat video pic of him with a groupie and her boob showing
Exhibit B: Swae Lee Snapchatting with groupies in his tour bus! Nip exposed.

This young man and his brother (“Slim Jimmy”) started their music career in 2013 when they formed the duo Rae Sremmurd. Before their hit song “Black Beatles” put them in the spotlight, they were just two kiddos from the Mississippi. Of course, now they have hoes dying over them – especially since their album SremmLife went platinum and sold over a million copies in the United States.

Just like many millennials that are Swae Lee's age, he is making mistakes that are going to haunt him for the rest of his life. Doesn't he know that once you upload ANYTHING on the web, it will be there FOREVER. You'd think his manager would explain this to him, unless it's all part of a ploy designed to make him more famous. Some folks in the industry even believe India Love's sex scandal was also a scheme for more attention in the tabloids. She wouldn't be the first celebrity female to do that…

Anyway, this isn't Lee's first rodeo being in the news for something dirty! Not very long ago, a groupie by the name of “Dorothy P” uploaded provocative images on Twitter. She also claimed that she had hot intercourse with him, which the rapper instantly denied to the public. At the same time he made headlines for dissing on a transgender fan after taking a pic together. He's all over the map!

Well, here is the video of Swae Lee giving it to a FINE ASS WOMAN in a white tank top. No one knows who this bangin' mystery mama is YET, but I'm sure we'll found out soon.

Swae Lee's Naughty VIDEO!

Swae Lee sex tape leaked from Instagram

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