Vivica A. Fox

Vivica A. Fox Is Naked & a Naughty Girl

It's that time of the day again to whip out our cocks out and jerk off to some of the hottest chocolate mamacitas out there. This time we're focusing our dirty imaginations on the one and only Vivica Fox. It seems that she is willing to go to extreme extents to keep her fame alive, and we love that about her. That being said, get ready for her naked video and pictures we have gathered here for y'all today.

Vivica A. Fox topless sex with Jamie Foxx


Wish this dime piece would ride your pony? Her naughty photos make it WAY too easy to pretend!

Every single inch of her has been making us horny as hell since her career started in the 90s. Seeing her play the foxy Carmen Silva in Days of Our Lives caught our attention. But, it was after watching her play a stripper in the movie Independence Day that really made our joy stick pop! Since then we still have her on our damn minds. She has remained for years at the top of our “spank-bank” list!


Vivica Fox seductive pic in bed
Ooooweeeeee… already making my dick tingle!
Vivica Fox in a bikini
Mmmkay, I'll troll dat booty ALL DAY.
Vivica Fox in bikini and heels
Babygurl wants to play nasty!

Browsing through her pictures over the years to bring you this sizzling collection of her has been fantastic to say the least. We have to admit, she looks fucking tight for a woman in her fifties. She's been in the show business for a long time, since 1988 to be exact. She could be a mother or a grandma to a lot of our young readers out there, but that makes her all that much more exciting.

Who doesn't want to bang their friend's hot mom? Exactly!

There are numerous times when Vivica has experienced the usual celebrity wardrobe malfunction and damn are we happy when that happens. She always has an issue with her nipples poppin' out, those things just want to breathe! Fortunately for you, we have found those leaked pics, too.

Naughtiest Vivica A. Fox Nude Photos

Nude in the 1997 movie Booty Call

Vivica Fox stripping in Independence Day film

25 year old Vivica undressing in the movie Born on the Fourth of July

Lingerie in Bed from Getting Played

Showing Us The Goods in Boat Trip

The 50 Cent Drama

Because she has aged like a fine wine, she still stays relevant in the tabloids. Her beef with her ex 50 went viral after the pair feuding on Twitter. Fox apparently accused him of being gay and enjoying being licked in the ass. Oh, yeah… she admits getting down and dir-tay like dat!

She went on Watch What Happens Live and during the “Empire State of Mind” segment of the show the host was asked about 50 Cent's comments regarding Empire's rating dropping because of the “gay stuff”.

Her response was:

“That's the pot callin' the kettle black is all I'm saying,”

The actress looking sexy on the red carpet back in the day with her ex 50 cent:

Vivica Fox and 50 cent

She also went on to say that 50 cent looked like a “booty snatcher” on a magazine cover him and Soulja Boy appeared on years ago. Of course, 50 is notorious for trolling on the web so we knew he would have a response about the allegations.

50 Cent on Instagram feuding with Vivica Fox

To this day the ex couple still feud online every now and again. Some people say they are flirting and rumors are going around saying they might appear on some kind of couple's therapy show. Jesus, now that would be some drama ain't nobody need in their life.

Anyway, we have more seductive pictures of Vivica looking bangin'. Enjoy!

Vivica A. Fox modeling in sexy lingerie:

Fun fact – did you know that Ms. Fox was a video vixen. Oh yeah, this woman was the queen of music video appearance for years. She was in Rick James' “Glow”, LL Cool J's “Strictly Business”, 2Pac's “Papa'z Song”, Aretha Franklin's “Honey”, Toni Braxton's “You're Making Me High”, Puff Daddy's “Been Around The World”, 50 Cent's “Do You Think Aoube Me” and most recently Jaheim's “Age Ain't A Factor”.

Yep, there truly is no stopping her. I have a feeling we'll be seeing her for the next decade. Right now she plays Candace Mason in the show Empire and it's still running, there is definitely a lot of fans watching it just to get a glimpse of her in shape physique.

Personally, we loved her in Curb Your Enthusiasm when she played Larry David's girlfriend Loretta Black. She was fucking hilarious. If she is good enough for LD, you know she's good enough for anyone. She did so well she was even nominated a NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. We hope we will see her in the new season of the HBO series.

See-Through Top:

Vivica wearing see through top

Nipples Exposed in Sheer Dress:

Vivica Fox in sheer dress


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