Unending Intrigues Still Follow Garcelle Beauvais, Now Its Nude Photos Leaked

There is much you can learn from entertainment celebrities than from politicians. Today its gossip, tomorrow its nude exposure, and the following day its infidelity and it doesn’t end there. It’s simply scandal after scandal. Interestingly, you will find them on magazine interviews and on talk shows refuting them as mere allegations or malice.This is what is happening with one Garcelle Beauvais.

Who is Garcelle Beauvais? What does she do? What is this latest story in town about her? Let us dig into her life.

She is a Haitian idol. Garcelle was not born today and so she is not immune or new to gossip or malice so to speak. She is 48 years of age. She is an actress and a model that has appeared on many pages of magazines across the US. Part of her childhood was spent in her home town where she was also born Saint-Marc Haiti.

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Garcelle Beauvais was Will Smith’s girlfriend for a short time in early 1990. Because of her blonde looks and good figure, she has been dubbed the “Sexiest Actress Alive “That is courtesy of the Glamour’s magazine that focuses on celebrities and their lives. That will be happening in their coming issue in March 2015. What Did She Do? There is rumor that she secretly got married on 15th February 2015. Whether this is true, we are yet to know.

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