Jessica Clark’s Nude Scene

Nom, nom, nom… these NSFW photos of True Blood actress Jessica Clark has got us stroke-happy, if you know what I'm saying. She has a PHAT figure that is out of this world sexy, especially when she's stripped down to nothing! Luckily she flaunts her TNA everywhere she goes and we have all of those nudes ready for y'all to see.

Get that lotion ready, but you might not need it – she gets yo dick wet super fast! #REALTALK

Now, you know we love us some dark chocolate, but sometimes we like to add variety with a lightly toasted shawty, too. Yep, Jessica is quite the mix – she's British with Nigerian, Irish and Indian descent.

She's likely a new flavor for many of you out there…


Jessica Clark in pink yoga pants
Nothing better than a perky ass in yoga pants.
Jessica Clark modeling cleavage
Dem crazy eyes…
Jessica in lingerie while laying on bed
Ready to receive some cock!
Jessica braless
Mami wants to play nasty!

If you just became a fan of her's ,you might not know a lot about this PYT. Well, we got you covered on all the deets and let's just say this BAE ain't boring!

Ms. Clark grew up in London and was discovered at 16 years old when she won a national modeling competition. She ended up signing a contract with Models 1, a big agency with lots of connections around the world.

The beauty wanted to model while studying and for awhile made it work. She attended London School of Economics for her undergraduate degree and had planned to go to law school after. However, she had to quit the program after 18 months because it became to strenuous juggle both modeling and studying.

Her hot photoshoot with Maxim Magazine:

The agency placed her in Paris for awhile and then moved her to New York City soon thereafter. Some of the popular clients she has modeled for include; Hermes, L’Oreal, and Redken.

She has also featured in famous magazines spreads like; Vogue, Marie Claire, Jalouse and Elle. Jessica was also on the runway for a couple of recognized designers like Matthew Williamson and Bottega Venetta.

While living in the Big Apple she decided to train to become an actress on the side, that's when she discovered her passion for performing. Deciding that's what she wanted to do, she relocated to Los Angeles to give it a try.

In 2012, she found success with her first film A Perfect Ending where she was one of the main roles. She played “Paris” a lesbian escort that seduces a middle-aged woman who is unhappy in her marriage and life. We have to say, it is one of the hottest lesbian scenes we have ever witness.

Interesting fact: Jessica is openly gay and was once married to fitness guru, Lacey Stone. They divorced in 2012 after a couple of years.

Jessica Clark Naked Gallery

Is your imagination going wild now? She is what we call a “lipstick lesbian”, hot as fuck!!

Since appearing in about 9 epidsodes of True Blood, people have flooded our inbox requesting all of Jessica's naked moments. So we put in sweat and tears to find every uncovered picture and video of this woman.

In the end, this is what we found – some super boner-inducing content and we are 100 percent sure you won't be disappointed. We only hope we can run into this fox one day and give her a deep cocking until she turns straight!! 

Lesbian sex scene in the movie A Perfect Ending:

Topless in the film Chemistry:

Clark's nude scenes in True Blood:

Braless in Me and My Place shoot:

Me and My Place braless pic of Jessica Clark

Naked in Diva Magazine:

Random uncovered modeling photos:

Pokies on the red carpet:

See-through top:

See through tank top

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