Aisha Tyler opens up about her infertility

Aisha Tyler, born on 18th Sept. 1970 is an American comedian, actress, writer, author and a music video director who is famous for her starring role as Marino Andrea in ghost Whisperer, in Santa Clause film as Mother Nature and voicing Kane Lana in Archer. She also has recurring roles in Talk Soup, Friends and on CSI and she co-hosts in The Talk show

Aisha Tyler is married to Jeff Tietjens, an attorney since 1992. She revealed to her co-hosts during The Talk show that she and her husband had decided to stop trying to conceive after two years of trying. “We have decided that it is better not to go through the torture any longer” she said on air. She stated that she has not been able to conceive years after she stopped using birth control and later learned that her fallopian tube was tortuous, a condition that prevents the sperm from getting to the egg.

The couple however tried vitro fertilization that comes with so many shots and made her body crazy. “Jeff hated giving me the shots, he actually cried more than I did” she continued to explain. After spending so much money and doing a lot of procedures all they heard was bad news from their doctor who said that it was not going to work for her. On hearing the news, they both decided to stop trying though she admits that it was not an easy decision as she would have loved to bring another Jeff into the world. “When I think about this person that I love, it would be such a wonderful thing to bring another person like him into the world”.

One of her co-host told her to consider other options for children but she stated that they both needed time to heel their fresh wound before considering other options.

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