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FULL LEAK: Nicki Minaj Sex Tape

Nicki Minaj came up with a nasty little adult- video with the main purpose of making some cash; little did she know that she would find fame.

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Nicki Minaj is a stage name for Onika Tanya Maraj. She is a Trinidadian, born in America. She is very well talented that she can do more than one talent: she is a rapper, song-writer, singer, voice actress and media personality, and part time porn star.

The videos, with a run-time of 22 minutes features Onika Tanya Maraj, known for her stage -name, Nicki Minaj, as someone that resemble a hell of a lot like-her with other relatively older white men, all were recorded on an actual high quality hand-held camcorder by a third party in the room with the best lighting, which can be presumed as very professional.

The tape has the normal stuff of sex-tape type, a little oral on both sides and then moving to town-doggy style with full-hooray finish. Though Nicki herself denies that the video is not hers, it is very automatic and well known that the tape belongs to her. She just claims that may be she did it or did not.

Nicki Minaj tits This Nicki Minaj was filmed around 2001, and recently was being shopped by certain group of men from New Orleans, and only gave private screening to a few select sites. The video was taken by a good friend of Nicki Minaj as it was claimed. The real sex tape was claimed to be circulated by some Weezy’s guys and later on found its way into the hands of some quacks asking for a relatively lower price of about $150,000 US dollars.  Crazy.

When Nicki was asked about the whole issue, she said she has no comment about the issues and Lil Wayne is just a close friend of her and she is very comfortable doing anything with him.

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You guessed it: doggy style.

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