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R&B singer and actress Beyonce Knowles was born on 4th September, 1981, in Houston, Texas, to Celestine Ann, who was a hairdresser and at the same time owned a salon and her father is Mathew Knowles who is the Xerox sales manager. She was given the name Beyonce as a tribute to her mother’s maiden name. Beyonce attended St. Mary’s elementary school which is found in Fredericksburg, Texas. At St. Mary is where her talent in music was discovered when she joined the dance class.


Beyonce teamed up with her cousin called Kelly Rowland and other her two classmates to form an all-female singing group known as Destiny’s Child. Her father Matthew Knowles was the band’s manager. The group grew to become the most popular R&B acts, when they released their first self-titled album. The group gained momentum from there and went to score its first NO. 1 single on the top charts, with BILLS, BILLS, BILLS, off their number two album.

As she was still celebrating her group’s success, Beyonce started exploring other projects. And this saw her making her acting debut in 2001, and she was the star in MTV’s “Carmen”: a Hip Hopera. Later she starred jointly with Mike Myers in the Spy Parody “Goldmember” in 2002. On her musical carrier, Beyonce as a solo artist, worked hard and released her first album known as “Dngerously in Love”, in 2003. As a matter of facts, recording of that album became an enormous achievement for her, both commercially and critically. She sold millions of copies alongside winning five Grammy Awards. On that particular album, she worked with some world’s renowned artists like Sean Pau, Jay-Z and Missy Elliott.

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In 2004, the group Destiny’s Child regrouped and they released their last studio album, “Destiny Fulfilled”. In the year 2005, the group officially broke up.

In 2008, she got married to rapper and music tycoon Jay-Z in a little, private ceremony in New York. Beyonce found herself in hot water after she performed in a private concert for Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi on New Year’s Eve in 2010. She later donated the fee she got from that event to assist the victims of Haitian earth quake.

In January 2013, Beyonce attracted some negative headlines for her performance at second inauguration of president Barrack Obama in Washington, D.C. she was accused of pre-recording a version of “The Star-Spangled Banner”. For more information about Beyonce Knowles, you may go online.

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