Kylie Jenner Sex Tape

Kylie Jenner and Tyga are apparently getting big offers from the porn industry to make a porn video. These companies are willing to pay big bucks to the duo if they make a sex tape, just like Kylie’s sister Kim did. Vivid Entertainment offered the sexy young lady 10 million dollars to film the sex tape that would surely blow up the internet if it ever came out. It would no doubt be a success – we all know Kim's sex tape is still one of the most watched sex tapes in history. In fact, Steve Hirsch (Vivid's CEO) has even mentioned that Kylie's sex tape would outperform Kim K's. Kylie already has a large following of men and women admirers all over the world who are waiting not-so-patiently for the tape to come out. Will the youngest Kardashian doll give the world what they are waiting for? We shall see…

The wanted couple, Tyga and Kylie, are somehow always in the tabloids. The rumors around the controversial couple don’t seem to end! Kylie individually has been under so many controversies since the last 2-3 years. Whether it's her ever-growing lips (thanks to the lip fillers) or her booty that grew over night, there is a lot that keeps this youngest Kardashian sister busy. However, the most controversial thing Kylie is known for is her relationship with Tyga. Apparently, Tyga started dating Kylie when she was underage. He is 8 years older than her. Well, the age didn’t really matter to the couple, as Tyga didn't seem to mind dating a minor. The age difference of the couple was controversial and illegal, especially if they were being intimate. However, all that has changed now ever since Kylie turned 18 a few weeks ago.

Now that Tyga won't be arrested for his young taste in women, he is showing the world how he really feels about Kylie. It seems the fella is madly in love with his boo. Now that she is an adult, the couple had a great time partying in Mexico along with their friends without trying to hide their affection towards each other. They were enjoying sun, sand and surf along with crazy boat parties. In fact, the couple has recently showed some PDA and they are almost inseparable since her birthday. While rumors surfaced online a few weeks back that they got married, Kylie denied that she would be marrying anytime soon. The couple might not be looking forward to ring the wedding bells, but they’re already acting like a married couple.

Kylie Jenner And Tyga Sex Tape (2)

Kylie Jenner And Tyga Sex Tape

So what does Tyga think about the special sex tape offers? According to his behavior, it seems that Tyga definitely wouldn't mind putting out a tape for the world to see. In his new video that just came out, Tyga raps about penetrating Kylie. If you haven't heard the song, it's called “Stimulated”. The song has some juicy lyrics that are definitely getting attention, for example: “They say she young.. I shoulda waited.. She a big girl, dawg.. when she stimulated”.

Well, we all know that Kylie will definitely have the last say on whether or not the sex tape will be created (if they haven't already made one), but from just taking a sneak-peak into her sexy and racy instagram pictures you know it's not so far fetched. She is no stranger to teasing her audience with tight outfits, bikini shots, and boob selfies. The world is waiting in high-anticipation for the rumors to be true. Let's hope Kylie has the desire to outshine her sister and take her next career move to the adult industry world.

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