Draya Michele Sex Tape

Draya Michele is best known for having a hot fling with Chris Brown briefly and being on the popular reality TV show, Basketball Wives LA. The African American beauty queen has also appeared in many popular music videos with Jay-Z, NIcki Minaj, Kanye West and so on. Draya has a hot figure and has been asked to model for several magazines – men everywhere are taking notice of the stunner and she is taking advantage. Even famous men are wanting her attention. On the show Basketball Wives LA she was dating Orlando Scandrick, a professional basketball player.


Draya's most highlighted scandal is the sex tape she made with her ex-boyfriend David Miranda. The footage of the tape (2 hours long of foreplay/nasty rough sex) has been leaked to the media and Mr. Miranda is apparently filing a lawsuit against Draya claiming she did it. It's a damn shame he is trying to hide Draya's hot little body out of the media spotlight when it truly is a gift to the world. Pictures of the sex tape have been leaked all over and these bad boys are a hit with viewers everywhere. The photos show off Draya's fine ass body and show clips of her getting down-right nasty. Let's hope the dispute is resolved soon so we can see Draya's curves in action.

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 A Clip From The Tape

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