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Nicki Minaj’s Booty – A Photo Collection

Nicki Minaj the well-known and popular famous female rapper, who has her unique style of how to dress up loves to show her beautiful booty. Her music style has grasped the attention of everyone and she is well supported by a large fan base. Nicki's not just capturing the attention of music fans everywhere, but she also has a growing fan base of men everywhere who love to see her dress up in her skin tight outfits, even if they are completely outrageous get-ups. Her stunning body have been all over the tabloids – some people claim that her big booty has been to the surgeon's office, but a lot of her admirers take to her defense and say that's just what the haters say. Whether the rumor is true or not, there is no denying that Nicki has one of the most banging bodies in the celebrity world right now. I think she may even put Kim Kardashian's ass to shame. Here is a collection of NIcki's perfectly rounded booty that show off the reason it's as famous as her music:

1.  Damn, girl!!

2. Her booty looking delicious on the red carpet.

3. That ass is a dime.


5. One of the internet's all time favorites of NIcki and that bubble butt:

6. Nicki knows how to bend that body.

7. Can you imagine?!! Damn.

8. The whole package is nice, real nice!

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