Mike Tyson’s Ex Wife Robin Givens’ Scandal

Robin Givens may have a bit of reputation, but there is no denying that she was one hot piece of ass back in the early 90s. When she married Mike Tyson in 1988, Givens found herself hitched with a guy worth over $50 million — and she took advantage. The two divorced not long after, and her name was plastered everywhere.

Robin Givens centerfold from Playboy
Here's a nice clear scan of her centerfold issue.

Soon, Robin was posing naked in Playboy, getting steamy sex scenes with popular actors like Eddie Murphy, and just teasing the world with her good looks and beautiful body, as you will see below 🙂

Robin back in the day looking beautiful as always

Robin was certainly a popular 90s gold digger, and many famous women have followed in her footsteps. With all the advancement in technology, state of the art inventions, an increment in the number of attention seekers and a public that is always on the lookout for celebrity nudes, leaked nude photos and videos of popular public images are not anything out of the ordinary or new. Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton and many others are all not new to such controversies. From her leaked sex tape with Ray J, Kim Kardashian became more of a goddess as she was able to gain a huge number of followers who are always keen to know everything about her. The leaked video tape became more of a blessing in disguise for Kim Kardashian.

And now, another celebrity that has been rocked with controversy is Robin Givens. Yes, Robin Givens. According to recent reports, Mike Tyson's ex-wife, Robin Given is now the center of controversy as she has fallen victim to a leaked nude photo scandal. The God send me a man actress’s, highly personal and very private photos from her mobile devices have been posted throughout various gossip blogs. The internet has been buzzing with a high number of traffic, with everyone trying to a catch a glimpse of the images before they are taken down.

Robin Givens in 2017
Still looking good in 2017!

The nude photos of the 52 year old actress has been spreading like wildfire ever since they were hacked from her phone on the 15th of February. The FBI is currently looking into the matter, with various sources confirming that the FBI are fully aware and are conducting a series of investigation. From the quality and the size of the photos, it is no doubt that they were taken by a mobile device.

Despite being a very talented actress, Robin Givens also seems to nurture a passion for nude photography and fine art. Apart from the phone hacking, other sources also claim that her email was also hacked, but it has yet to be made official.

Robin Givens in her underwear
Wanna get married, baby??

And guess who was fucking Robin as she was in the middle of her divorce with Mike?

Brad Pitt. That's right, pretty boy Brad was banging her at the same time as Mike. Talk about taking some big risks for pussy, man. Tyson was interviewed on Conan about it, saying,

As I go to my car she drives up … with the handsome Brad Pitt. The first thought I had was, ‘Aw man I ain’t getting’ no pussy tonight!’ I went from a hard stallion to a wet noodle and it just totally overwhelmed me. I had no energy to fight.

Robin Givens and Brad Pitt
“Everybody's got plans… until they get hit.”

Cheers to you Brad, damn.

But before we get into the latest, we should take a look at the past, when Robin posed for Playboy in September 1994.

Robin Givens in Playboy (September 1994)

Here are some high quality photos from that issue.

Robin Givens in Playboy

Robin Givens nude in Playboy

Robin Givens bare ass

Robin Givens covering her breasts

Robin Givens butt in high definition

Robin's Sexiest Scenes in Boomerang

Robin Givens in A Rage in Harlem

Originally posted on March 1st, 2015. Updated on October 26th, 2017.

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