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The 27 year old natural beauty is a English native born of Dominican and St. Lucian descent. She definitely hit the jackpot when it comes to genes, she's the type that makes you want to run your tongue up and down her tight body.


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Season 7 Episode 2:

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Nathalie modeling for GQ Nathalie often credits her mother for encouraging her into the arts of acting due to her being very “dramatic” when she was a younger child. Eventually, Emmanuel would make her television acting debut in the ongoing British soap opera Hollyoaks in 2006 as Sasha Valentine. She would follow that performance up in Hollywood in the box office smash hit Fast and Furious 7 (2015) as a “hacker” named Ramsey.

But of course, as you all know, Emmanuel is most well known for her role as the interpreter for the House of Targaryen named Missandei. She starts out as a slave for Kraznys mo Nakloz, but Daenerys Targaryen eventually “buys” her and she becomes a trusted companion. She has stated that she considers herself a Game of Throne’s fan also known as a, “Throny.”

It was quite the scandal when her character was killed off in the last season – some saw negative racial undertones.

Emmanuel at the 22nd Annual Elton John AIDS Foundations Oscar Viewing Party

Besides being an accomplished television and big screen star, she has collaborated with the BBC on, “investigating the sexual habits of 16-24 year-olds in the UK” and modeling work for InStyle, Raw and GQ magazines.

Modeling for Raw:

Emmanuel has been acting for the set of GOT for three years now and while the critically acclaimed HBO exclusive has come under scrutiny for a multitude of controversial issues, nudity is the largest issue.

The show is known for the large amount of sex scenes and female nudity which is one of many reasons it can only be found on the premium HBO channel. Many (mainly feminists) complain that because the all of the erotic scenes is mostly female. They believe it only exists to objectify women as sex objects and bring in a younger male audience. Others argue that the nudity and sex scenes only live to further and advance the plot.

Why are these justice warriors complaining anyway? A body like Nathalie's deserves to be shown off and worshiped, she's a world wonder!

Nathalie Emmanuel in a yellow gown looking radiant

Nathalie Emmanuel has taken part in her fair share of sex on camera and full frontal and rear nudity. While she personally has no qualms against shedding her clothes, she prefers that it be for a purpose and not for exploitation.

In speaking with Elle magazine she states:

“At the end of the day, the nudity is down to the individual actor or actress. If they feel comfortable doing, then who am I to say anything? I think the balance between male and female nudity has been much more balanced this year.”

Her statements speaks more as a rebuff then as an endorsement of the calls for “balanced nudity.” She says that she feels she should only get undressed for a scene if she, “felt it was appropriate to the storyline and I thought it was done in a respectful way and I felt comfortable doing it.”

Nathalie Emmanuel shows her nipples on the red carpet:

Even though Nathalia seems perfectly fine in wanting to perform such scenes (where she certainly shows off a gorgeous figure), she does hold some reservations about wanting to do them in the future:

“ …but there are obviously going to be scenarios – not necessarily in this job, but in other jobs to come – where the question will be posed to me ‘will I want to do nude scenes?’ and I would have to consider that as its own thing. And not just something to say yes because I have done it before. It really is circumstantial, but I definitely think that the show has done a good job of balancing it out.”

In her statements while she “justifies” her involvement of nudity she does have a self conscious feeling about it. She does again acknowledge HBO for balancing it out.

In our opinion, of course, we think she should do as many as she can! There is nothing wrong with showing some skin – it's all apart of the human experience!

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